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Delta is a company operating in the field of the construction of conversion lines for the production of hygiene products:
sanitary napkins, panty shields, light incontinence, baby diapers and adult incontinence.

lady diaper machines


When Delta manufacturing its lady lines,
is very careful at meeting Customers’ requirements when observing at
the market demand


The baby diapers technology has evolved rapidly through the years, in terms of materials used, design and size. In fact what converters need from supplier is a machine which guarantees the most up to date products present on the market: the thinner, the more absorbent, the more elastic with a better fit on the baby.

baby diaper machines
adult diaper machines


Thanks to the changing attitudes towards adult incontinence, the market is developing revolutionary products safeguarding, improving, absorbency and comfort.


Delta is the result of more than 35 years of experience in the field of construction of conversion lines for hygiene.
Thanks to the loyalty of its customers and the ability of its engineers, Delta has conducted important technical research
paying always attention to the disposable market trends and consumers needs.
Delta has an excellent technical staff whose goal is developing technology to meet and satisfy all customer requirements.

Service & customer care

Test at Delta

During the testing at Delta, the customer is welcome and encouraged to send the technical staff for a free training period. The training will be organized according to the technicians’ skills and machine processes, mechanical, electrical, electronic and maintenance. Delta staff will explain all the parts of the machine focusing on electrical, mechanical adjustments and maintenance. The Delta’s electronics, will explain plc and motion processes that compose the machine software.

Techinical documentations

Together with the machine Delta provides all the necessary documentation either on paper and on CD-ROM in any languages.


- operating and maintenance
- manual electrical
- diagrams pneumatic

- diagrams program and software

- spare parts list

Installations and start up

The installation and machine assembling at the customer’s plant will be followed by our technical staff until the completion of the installation and machine start up.

Delta is available to supervise and support the early production phases and/or provide additional training on customer’s request.

After sales and assistance service

Technical Intervention

Delta can provide next day field service (for emergencies) or plan with client the field service date. Upon request, Delta will install at the customer’s plant a remote connection long distance assistance.

Spare Parts

Delta has an inventory location of mechanical and electrical spare parts. The shipping time can be immediate for the parts available,one week for mechanical spares without special treatment,two/three weeks for the parts with treatment.

Retrofit and upgrades

Delta is available to offer suggestions to improve the performances of your existing machines, supplying either new retrofit units or upgrading the existing ones.


…is to create a product leaving behind all the problems linked with old planning and construction concepts.

That’s why we are making radical choices, giving emphasis to the industrialization of each single component, selecting quality of the materials, with particular attention to detail and the overall design.

The result is a completely original idea, that combines most progressive technology with aesthetics and invention with dynamism. The rational organization of the system and the overall design have enabled us to produce extraordinarily efficient machinery maintaining a strong competitive price.

During these last years the company has invested heavily in technological, logistical and highly specialized personnel.

Our customers

Our machines are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy using high-tech components.
We are present in some of major countries in the world including USA, South America, Russia, Europe and Africa.

Our Latest Work

Panty Shields


Light Inco


Sanitary Napkins











Via Gerola, 34

26010 Fiesco CR Italy

Opening Hours

From Monday To Friday

From 8.30 to 17.30


Phone: +39 0374375990

Fax: +39 0374370424



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